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CAP Debt Councelling

cap2At Southgate, we love to see people set free in every area of life. That is why we're proud to work with CAP (Christian's Against Poverty) to help anybody struggling with debt. All you need to do is to ring the CAP helpline (0800 328 0006) and their central office will make an appointment for you with someone from our CAP team.

The team are an experienced group who will visit you in your home, talk you through how we can help... and if you're willing, take over all your negotiations for you. An ear to talk to, a hand to help and a practical way forward. What more could you want! Your job is simply to 'see the plan through' from start to finish, then you will be debt free!  Remeber - the harder the fight, the sweeter the victory.

Give CAP a call or click here to visit their website for more information.

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