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A monthly worship meeting to encourage, inspire and equip anyone who is hungry for more of the Lord.  The church needs mothers and fathers and grandparents to draw alongside this 'up-and-coming' generation of new believers.  You are invaluable to the Lord and to the church family that he has given you.  The sick need healing, the lost need saving and the dead still need raising!  You are in the Kingdom for such a time as this!  

Come along for a time of refreshing and allow the Holy Spirit to Ignite you afresh.



The Basement

5 Primrose Hill

Kings Norton

B38 9BE

Info: Chris Finn

Mob: 07412580890

If you are driving, you can park across the road at the 'Premier' convinience store.  The owner is happy for us to use his car park but asks that we use the side away from the front entrance so as to leave it free for customers.  Thanks for understanding!


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