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Kingdom Kids is a children’s group for Primary school aged children (4-11). We meet every Sunday morning while the grownups are hearing their message for the morning.

The Kingdom Kids leaders are passionate about seeing our children develop a real and meaningful relationship with Daddy God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the sessions are always geared to getting to know them better.

Our children are taught how to hear God speak to them, how to pray for the sick, how to reach into the promises of God and give his blessings to others where ever they go... they are learning how to truly be citizens of heaven here on earth.

The sessions always include exciting ways to teach the stories and truths of the bible (including memory verses) as well as fun activities (sometimes games, sometimes arts and crafts) and worship.

Our aim is to raise a generation of children who are so loved by and in love with Daddy God that nothing is impossible for them. We want to see our children grow in love so that they can transform all those around them with that love. If we can raise a group of beautiful worshippers, we will have powerful warriors with the ability to break down the forces of darkness in the power of the Holy Spirit because of who they are in Jesus.

Kingdom Kids is one of the most exciting and quickly growing parts of our church family – we hope to be learning from their childlike faith for years to come!


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