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PASSION8 is a group for young people in secondary school. We meet every Friday evening for a time of fun, sweets, more sweets, worship and connecting with God.  Most Fridays are 'Youth Church' where the youth and leaders gather with the intention and passion of pushing into the deeper things of God, reading the word of God together and hearing him speak words of encouragement for one another whilst learning to worship on a deeper level. One Friday a month is 'activity night' where we do trips out (Rush, bowling, etc) or play wide games or chill out with a BBQ and firepit.

The PASSION8 team are determined to raise the most ‘passionate for God’ group of young men and women ever known to man! There is no such thing as a ‘teenager’ in the bible – you come ‘of age’ at the age of 12. The PASSION8 leaders want to raise a generation who are mature in the faith at a young age. Knowing God deeply and walking closely with him doesn’t have to wait until you are a grown up... we want to start now!

If young hearts are captivated, passion and devotion are released – teaching our teens to worship, love the bible and most of all love Him are all part of captivating their hearts to walk with him for the rest of their days.


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